Saturday, April 24, 2010

The American Dream: Unaccountability

Let's say I offer you the following scenario:

"You are allowed to walk into any store, anywhere, at any time during it's operation and take whatever you want off any rack and then, walk right out of the store with it. You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Go anywhere you wish, for whatever reason. Sleep with whoever you want, whether they want to sleep with you or not and with as many of those people as you want to. Kill anyone, take property from anyone and commit whatever act on whatever person for as long as your heart desires. All of this with no repercussions, no reprisals and no responsibilities."

Now, it may sound like I am offering the impossible, but it is a reality for some and the dream of others. It is the REAL American dream. It is what we are all striving for and what we cling frivolously to on a daily basis. The only difference is that we use a tangible substance to antiquate this fantasy. We call this substance money and it is the justifiable tool to the REAL dream.

The reason I am mentioning this is because a lot of people try to dress up true desires with socially acceptable norms in order to hide behind the reality of their base instincts. This repression creates a society so misguided and unfocused, that we are in constant flux in the lower rungs, while the top rung maintains without interference. The truth is this, say what you want, then go get it. If you know the truth, then their is direction.

Money is meaningless if you look at the actual goals of people. People covet property, power, status and other people. Money is only the tool that allows that.

If I said: "I want that car." That is true

If I said: "I want that person." That is true

If I said: "I want that person dead/ destroyed." That is true

If I said: "I want the money to do what I want when I want." That is half lie lie

If I said: "I want financial freedom." That is a full lie

The true statement for the two lies above is simple: "I want to do what I want." Period.

Money creates these buffer zones around opinion to help garner approval from our society. To want to be able to act without recourse or accountability is upsetting, but the desire for the finances that allow you to do so is warranted and appreciated.

Simply adding the term "buy" or "purchase" is a moral suffix to our most base desires. "I want all of these clothes," is selfish but "I want to have the money to buy all of these clothes," is acceptable while "I want to earn the money to buy all of these clothes," is noble. The reasoning is that we have layered on the bias that pure want is bad, desiring the tool to want is normal and desiring the work to gain the tool is good. However, the subject is the same, we just layer norms on top of it to justify our concerns. In the end, though, what we really want, is the clothes, how we come about them is no longer important.

The desire to earn is a thing of the past especially when society is dumping money into the void of imaginary products and services like never before (a topic for another time). In the end, most people are simply looking for the end product: Freedom to act without consequence. The rest is just veils to hide the intention.

Let's take something that is a more morally reprehensible and draw it out with this same series of layers.

If I said: "I want to rape her." That would be true.

If I said: "I want to be rich enough to fuck any girl whether they wanted me too or not and get away with it!" That would be half true.

If I said: "I want to hold an office that supplied me with enough status, capital and power that I would be able to impose my will upon others. Then, the result of that, would be justified either through legal, financial or covert means and thus lengthened from my daily sphere as to not effect my daily activity." That would be a lie.

They are all the same, however, through this course of logic, we continue to bury the basic desire under more and more social diatribe to block out the intention: Rape.

The complication comes in the fact that we build this rhetoric on our desires so much that we then hide the reality of it by simply lopping off the keywords or phrases to illuminate our actual intentions.

"I want to hold an office that supplies me with status, capital and power."

This is what we boil it down to. We accept the want for office, status, capital and power. The underline principle is that the winners know the why, everyone else does not.

Pushing aside the moral compass, let's just break it down on a platform that equates with most people.

"I want a job." False.

"I want the money from that job." Closer

"I want to pay rent with that money so I have a place to live." Closer

"I want to live in a place that I like, paid for by the money I get from the job." Closer

"I want to live in a nice place." True.

Here is another:

"I want financial freedom." False

"I want money to be able to buy what I want." False

"I want to buy stuff." Closer

"I want stuff." True

This may seem like common sense to most people, yet it is the common cause of most frustrations amongst the lower class. The reason we have criminals is not because they have desires that fall outside that of society, it is because they don't follow our "monetized" rules on how to obtain them. You kill someone with you bare hands when you are poor, then you go to jail. You kill someone using money, then you walk away. The reason the country is in so much trouble is that people act in the manner of the rich before they are rich. Taking, forcing and acting without the financial shield. For that, they are punished. That is the plan.

To covet is necessity. We can not function without that principle. It is the confusion that separates us. We dress above where we are, we buy above what we can afford, we do things we shouldn't be doing and acting ways we shouldn't and we all dance merrily to it. Advertisers show all the potential of status with our products. The guy using the Ipad isn't crammed in an office, tired and bent over the product drilling away at work and responsibilities that the device allows him to complete. The guy is lounging on a couch, in his pristine living room, with his feet up on his $5000 couch, leisurely skimming through the latest reports on his off-shore financial holding. Yet 90% of the people who are buying Ipads are putting them on their credit cards.

The separation lies in acknowledgment of the ultimate goal. So the remedy lies not in the befuddlement of moral obligation, but in the reality of your personal nature.

You want money to fuck beautiful women. Then say, "I do (whatever) TO FUCK BEAUTIFUL WOMEN."

You want money to buy whatever you want. Then say, "I want whatever I want."

You want money to kill enemies. Then say, "I want to kill."

Take a moment to drill down. Push out what you think is "bad" or "wrong" or "politically correct" (or not) and dig into that base desire. You may find out that you have added so many veils that you can't even determine what it is you want anymore. Which leads us full circle:

I don't know what I want, I just want it all!

This is the hope of the upper class. This is the floundering "dream" that keeps many under the thumb of the few. Because whether the final intention is considered "good," or "evil" or "socially responsible" or "morally reprehensible" the winners always know what they want in it's most base form. It's the confused that cloud it.

The reason the rich veil their desires is because they are hiding it from you. You veil it, because you don't understand what it really is. So find out. Appreciate it. Leave morality and ethics out of it. Just know it and repeat it to yourself. Then you can plan it. Then, hopefully, you will one day accomplish.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I've been "Googled"

Hey there kids! I'm back.

It's not that I was vacationing in Rio, finally under lock down or had my internet shut off because I couldn't afford the bill (which is probably the most likely of the three), it was because I was GOOGLED!

OK, now you're wondering what the hell that means. People get Googled all the time and they don't drop off the planet. Actually, being Googled is a good thing... isn't it? Well, maybe the problem is that when I say Googled, I don't mean the process of someone hunting me down on a search engine. I am talking about the process of being tossed into the automated, bot-ridden, nonsensical, inquisition that evolves around a giant corporation monetizing a free service.

In basic terms, my site was taken down because Google said it was SPAM. Now I know people will say "Hey that's Blogger, not Google!" Well, who owns Why does Blogger exist?: To instill a free voice to society? To promote universal education and free flow of information to the needy masses who are dehydrating on ignorant printed content? No... it's to make money.

More Bloggers, means more searchers, means more ads, more clicks, more cash, more size, status, prominence and control. It's not a bad thing. It's just the honesty of the situation. I am on blogger to schlep my shit as much as the next man/woman/animal with opposable thumbs. I also understand that with my shit, no matter how much money I make (if any), Google will make more. Even without me making money, they are making money, because my registration and use adds movement, numbers and information to their site thus bolstering their data records, status and prominence as the leader of all things digitally search-able. Whore, that I am, I drop to my knees, willingly offering my creativity in the hopes of catching a drop of the commercial ejaculate streaming of the metaphoric phallus of giant information based commerce.

That being said, with systems of this size and magnitude (and margin) there is no reasonable way of monitoring the constant flow of information swishing around in a efficient way. The idea of creating work tools that are successful to the user 100% of the time is concept long since dead. People, at the end of all things, are what make things ultimately work. However, people are the biggest cost and thus are the first thing to go. In their place, the golden goose known as automation.

In this particular instance, automation comes in the form of robots (nope not the cool giant ones with laser eyes that eat old people's medicine) that scan sites looking for various indicators that suggest a site is violating code of conduct regulations (we'll get into that in another post). It would be ludicrous to expect a company worth billions to employ people to actually make sure users are being accounted for the usage of services provided by said billion dollar company. That's against every capitalist precept their is. However, for whatever reason, certain rules are applied and must be enforced. Who better to enforce them, then a machine?

Now why would a machine be used to do this? The obvious reasons we'll ignore because efficiency is the next "we were only following orders" excuse in the great economic genocide of our generation. Let's, instead, talk about the actual reasons.

1) Unaccountability - Machines can fuck up and it is an instant get out of jail free card. Everyone, in the modern age, has had tech freeze, fail or just die for no other reason then it was just it's time. With that universal understanding, blaming the fact that the machine is machine, is excuse enough.

2) Deniability - Machines can commit atrocities that can be attributed to reason one. Mistakes, vial intentions and pure undeniable evil can be blamed on technical mishaps; so how better to veil the true intentions of any mechanical money maker then program it into a machine and then deny that it was intentional. Only experts can see through the fog and laymen are quick to back down from investigation. Experts also cost money... that's why they became experts.

3) Unforeseen Circumstances - The Microsoft Method, I like to call it. "Hey this shit is complicated and of course we are going to release it while it still has bugs! If we waited, it would be obsolete by the time it was released!" That's the nature of the business, we as consumers have accepted that. Version 1, is shit Version 2 will be a much better ipad, operating system, cell phone, etc. So we expect a little, "we are working on it but can't give a definitive time line" excuse with our technology. This is another avenue for escape because as long as someone says "the tech isn't perfect," we have to bow to the reasoning and back off, no matter of unjust, detrimental or destructive the result is.

So let's get to the good stuff!

If you have read my blog, it is obvious that it is not a Spam blog or "splog" as they cutely refer to it. In fact, my blog turns most people off because of how non-interactive it is. It's boring fucking text. No pictures, no video, no banners, no games, no flash. There are some Google Adsense, a couple links (some fake ones) and the typical Google provided widgets to show that no one is reading it. In fact, it is so not a "splog" I think spam blogs would be offended that this place would even be compared to one.

Whatever the case, I got flagged as a spam blog (after posting one of my least anti-establishment posts ever... which I found peculiar) and got that dreaded email:

"Your blog has been marked for deletion."

I was pissed, but seeing as that is pretty much my constant emotional state, I just went with it. I went to my control panel, clicked the review link and read the excuse about how I was flagged, marked or branded as being spam and then given the opportunity to have my blog "reviewed" if I felt they made this in error.

Let's note the key information that was left out:

Who flagged my blog? - Well and automated system did because I had some sort of marker indicating it. However, another possibility is another user could have flagged my blog as well. All users have the ability to do this if they think someone is in violation of blogger conduct. So if that was the case: who? (unaccountability)

Why was my blog flagged? - The actual "markers" of abuse of service are so vague they could mean just about anything. The robots have been programmed with complex algorithms which go way beyond the general users understanding. It's actually so complex, they don't even understand it at times: so shit happens. (deniability)

How do I get it back? - This is where the real fun starts...

So you submit your review and they immediately reply with, "Your site will be reviewed by something hopefully resembling a human with an actual brain. You submitted on (whatever date)." But that's it. No "It will take this long," or "reviews take between this and that amount of time." Nothing. (unforeseen circumstances)

But that's not even the best part. I wait a week and begin to wonder if anything is happening at all. Lo and behold, turns out that process doesn't mean anything. There is actually a four step process that involves forum posts, appeals databases, and eventual comment complaining that isn't mentioned anywhere on that review page. So I write my little "Shit is still broken message" and get a long reply from a blogger status rep who outlines all of the information required for a proper review that isn't posted on the page that tells you the information required for a proper review.

Now, I will admit. The person who helped me was very straight forward, almost aggressive in their information giving. Which for some, I could see as being off-putting, but for me I enjoyed the honesty. This was also the person for who got my site back up. They also pointed out a few other things that fell right into our categories here. The first was the constant reassurance that these mistakes are constant and will continue to be constant "for the remainder of time." Awesome. The other was that these errors are necessary to help build the site and prevent those types of mistakes from occurring in the future. Awesome again.

So let's translate this to normal reasoning.

Shit's broke and will always be broke, so stop fucking complaining. It's free you whiny piece of shit, be happy we are even talking to you.

In fact, if that was the response I would have gotten, I would have been fine with it. Hell, I would have appreciated the honesty. I'd be pissed that I lost all my blog articles, but at least it would have been a valuable lesson in "free speech," and "free technology." Instead, I got the normal fair that I can only imagine the poor person is forced to send to thousands of angry bloggers every week while silently cursing them for their selfishness.

A week and a half later, here we are. Back in action. Thanks blogger for letting me have it back and not deleting it. It showed me the basis of successfully creating my own techno super giant and all the avenues and shortcuts that I too can take in the development of contribution based information aggregation. I have now also sent it out to my readers as well, so they can benefit or (hopefully) refuse it in the near future.

If I was, in fact, flagged by another user, all I can say is "better luck next time." The only reason someone would flag this would be because they just plain didn't like my opinion and used the flagging system to try to get rid of me. Will they be held accountable for their gross violation? Of course not. We can run freely condemning without recourse or consequence. Our accused will be put off, aggravated, violated and, occasionally, wrongfully punished. It's the way of things. If we were held accountable for our accusations, truly accountable there would be no war, no religion and no politics... and no real money to be made.

Amen, brothers and sisters.

Let's see if I get flagged again!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Short y Sweet: TAXES

I only have two things to say about this.

We all did bad this year, so if they are not expecting a huge amount of () in their schedule C's and 1040's then the IRS isn't just greedy, they are stupid as well.

If you make less than $25,000 a year: Learn to do your own taxes (see library posting above) Paying someone to tell you how much to pay someone else is just fucking stupid. Also, don't let a friend do it. It is your money and you have very little of it (if any at all, if you are reading this blog) know what the fuck is going on with yet. True you are gonna get raped every year, at least know why you're getting raped and who's doing it.

This is actually the one financial area in the US where the rich have the most to lose. Yes, you may fall into a riskier category, but who would you go after: the guy with nothing or the guy with six figures? Audits cost money and only about 5% of the people filing get hit(some say 1% but I think that's a lie). If the IRS went for only the people they could get the minimum out of their profit would be marginalized.

I liked the linked article below about who gets audited, true the author leaves out that the IRS can, with very little effort, destroy the life of anyone it touches without rhyme, reason or proof, but it may set your mind a little more at ease:

Ten Red Flags

Of course, as I am typing this I am thinking in the back of my head: "Hey I had a couple of these red flags. They may nail my ass by the time anyone reads this post." But such is the way of things, I got really nothing they could take, but if they want to take the time to burn me out, I will be sure to document it, in full, to all my lovely readers and we will see another realm in the world of fiscal domination.

Good night, readers, and remember your selective stress, financial terror and eventual hope or demise will be randomly selected by a computer that is being controlled by the most hated people on the earth... sleep well.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weapons against the P: Libraries

Ignorance is bliss. It is also the most common weapon used against the poor and disadvantaged. There are a few lingering bastions of hope that limp on in the desolate landscape of the underprivileged American city and one is: The Library.

Libraries are one of the last rest stops on the road to enlightenment and perhaps the final oasis when it comes to this countries interest in education. Truth is, the stability of the library system does not exist based on the governments and body politics dedication to education and mental prosperity of their citizens; but as bragging points, tax-breaked historical landmarks and family attractions used to lure the outside public into the real estate market. Greed and manipulation lie churning at the core, but luckily, we noble dregs can get to indulge in the creamy after thought that is it's byproduct: free information.

Best thing anyone can do is donate a book. Any book, all books, about anything, ever! The sharing of free information, which lead to things like... um... the internet, is a capitalist nightmare. If it is worth knowing, it is worth having a price tag. The unfortunate thing for the corporation is the innate human trait that allows retention and translation, if we didn't have that, well revenue would reach the heavens. But we can read, remember, process and pass on. Hooray for us.

With that in mind let's talk about your personal responsibility to get smarter! Yep, gonna force a new requirement down your throat, so if you don't want to hear it, you can skip down. YOU SHOULD BE LEARNING SOMETHING NOW! School is a brilliant scheme. Force feed knowledge in predefined standards, curriculum and calendar years until the pupil hones in on that one day when he/she/it can say: "YES! I'm done! No more learning for this fucker! Time for a trip to the Ed Hardy Store!"

The despising of personal growth and knowledge is a key formula in maintaining the submission of any population. Asking "why" is a wise man's game, and wise men don't spend money! Better to build up a subconscious hatred of knowledge and let the cattle chew their cud. As for those fierce minds that never sacrifice their internal interest to expand the borders of their minds... well there is a plan for you assholes too!

On the other side of the coin are the saturators! Here is an overflow of information (now seemingly in the dominant electronic method) to fill the wanton intellect with mountains of useless, constant, petty, inarticulate and over-packaged drivel. Squeezing more links, more ads, more feeds, more headlines, more blogs, more tags, more galleries, more displays, more tweets, more posts, more comments, and more data into basic information that the user eventual has a mental "bleed out" with no focus and no drive. The information superhighway is now congested and lined with billboards and exits only to the mega-mall and multiplex.

Books are a threat because they are simple, focused and direct. That is why the ebook reader craze is such a forced issue. If technology is allowed to supply the hard copy reader, then it will be no time at all when the seduction of "free" information will draw the reader into "ad supported" documentation. Customizable settings and distracting option displays will linger the mind away from thought and content and the self indulgent desire for "interactivity" will dilute the messages of authors... if any still remain.

I love the advertising for ebook technology as well. "Great for people who travel because now they can have a whole library of books with them where ever they go!" How many people do you know who travel finish more than three books in any amount of travel to a particular destination? Oh, how I yearn for the day when weary travelers no longer have to drag their extensive tomes of fiction in heavy, dilapidated wagons through the unforgiving x-ray machine at the airport! Bullshit. Oh and fuck the environment angle as well, make solar powered ebook readers, then you can have that argument.

But we were talking about libraries, right? The necessity of the survivor to make an active effort to seek out new knowledge? Well, I'm sure you know why, but I will tell you anyways:

Knowledge is power. Free knowledge is limitless power. Knowledge will fuel your hate and distract you from your chains... until you learn how to break them. We all have our fixes with the "new" and the "popular," (which, if what the author has to say is valuable enough and you can dip into the mac n' cheese fund, then go for it) but there is so much just sitting in there that you can dive it into without having to dive into your wallet. The unknown will give you perspective and the access to that is unrestricted and usually ignored.

The other awesome fact is that humans are stupid and couldn't possibly grasp the total wealth of information in any library (including an elementary school one) so you can practically pick any location and have a virtual Elysium until you die from cancer!

Libraries also enforce silence. A hidden art to most Americans. BUT HEY, don't our governments and rich want us to be silent!? Nope, they just don't want you to be heard, there is a difference. Noise is essential, it confuses, flusters and overwhelm, it is a very useful tool.. but I will save that for a later day. Quiet makes you truly think, concentrate and study. Silence allows you retain. That's why shutting up is such a hard thing to do in the modern world, because as I stated before, we don't want to learn. (We'll also get to listening later as well, in case you give a shit)

So if you haven't been able to guess my politics on this then here it is in plain American:

Put the fucking device down. Read for real. Learn something.

The greatest mistake of the greedy enemy is the fact that they think that the new market in delivering information will flourish and lead to the end of the hard copy. However, their is a great value in hand-me-downs and as the saying goes: "One man's trash is another man's treasure." This is never so important than with information.

The hard copy promotes one final gem that has been forgotten in the digital age... sharing. Not file sharing, fuckers, but actual loan and return of a physical valuable object. Sharing a book derives the knowledge from the source and then allows it to be carried on to the next (literally). The physical "carrying" requires some form of personal accountability. This is another dry-rot of our society that has cost us as a whole.

To suit the form; some final thoughts:

Did I mention it was free?

You have no excuse. All roads, buses and walking paths lead to a library, so go. And if you try that whole "late-charge argument" thing about cost, then you are done in this world. It's all waiting for you, if you don't want it, you don't deserve it.

Look at all this shit

Libraries have more than books. I like audio books for driving and computer catalog systems for random searches on shit. If you're a die hard traditionalist, they still have books upon books and stuffy librarians. Hell, most libraries now have all the digital media, periodicals and tech crap that the truly electronically enslaved need as well, so once again... no excuse.

Make a game out of it

One of the best things is discovery. I like to pick at random something based on either title or cover art. This has been both successful and disastrous, but it has always been engaging. I am always finding someone new to hate and something entirely tragic and embarrassing to learn about, but hasn't cost me a dime and has kept me distracted from the lump of harden coal I pass in the middle of the night when all the 99 cent store food congeals into a solid mass in my colon. Hey, a good book may keep you from slitting your wrist on the subway, or get you around to finally doing it, who knows?

So as this rant-train comes to it's last stop for the day, think about giving you're electronic slave-master a rest, and curling up with a good free book, from your good free library (or shitty library) and let the daylight be your lamp and the words be as "interactive" as your mind wishes them to be.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 cents: Health Care Bill

I am a very firm believer that when it comes to the government informing the people on the (actual) realities of laws, bills, events, wars, etc., only about 10% of the truth ever really graces the ears and eyes of the public. After it has passed through it's elongated barrage of politicians, lobbyists, paid media advisers, legal jargon, actual media producers and onto the TV, internet or (god forbid) printed newspaper; it has become so diluted, that anything realistic sits like a light haze on the surface of the ocean.

So with that in mind, let's jump on the social hot button of Health Care Reform and make uneducated opinions about something we will never actually know anything about until someone can make a profit off the truth. And away we go...

Some general statistics are this:

Over 60% of bankruptcies in the US are caused by overwhelming medical expenses.

Over 70% of these bankruptcies belong to people who had medical insurance.

That means that even though people had medical insurance, they were still raped down to the very core by the cost of trying to get healthy. Basically, they could of had health insurance or not, the prices were so monumental that the one system set up to prevent this from happening fails over 70% of the time.

The American people are slaves to the medical world because no one wants to get sick and die. We all want to cling to life as much as possible as well as live as comfortably as possible. Hence, medical billing pretty much goes unchallenged because the fear of, "Hey if we weren't here, you'd all be dying... and not quiet and peaceful dying but bleeding from the asshole screaming agony dying!"

President Obama, poor deluded man that he is, is attempting to help the people of this sick country to find a way to have affordable health care for all. Sounds like a great strategy. In fact, in my perusal of the health care bill through the endless media super-filter has shown that it is not a bad plan and may in fact help those who are clinging to the hope that one day a doctor may help them and not bully them out of their every possession. Might get people healthier because they won't be so afraid of the doctor and put us up their in the ranks of places like Canada, (who may actually give a quantum of a shit about it's inhabitants.)

Yet, once again, we are simply dragging another bureaucratic band-aid over a festering pile of cancer.

No government official (well lasting government official) will ever say, "Well shit guys, maybe we wouldn't have so many issues about health, health care and insurance if the cost of medical care hadn't sky rocketed out of control? Maybe we should cap all the mother fuckers off at the 100% mark up limit and then see how that turns out?" Once again, someones making a profit so there is no answer.

If there was a shred of decency left by our elected officials, they would look to sources of the problems instead of layering another film of bills over the top of it. It's like saying the reason there is so much drunk driving accidents is because the cars are not being made to handle the riggers of being driven by someone who is under the influence.

Now we get into the counter arguments: prices get marked up because of malpractice insurance and those cruel and ruthless illegal immigrants who steal all their dynamite health care. Here's another question? Does anybody else get malpractice insurance? If a lawyer loses a case, does it come out of his pocket? If the mechanic fucks up your car, does he have insurance for when it catches fire on your way home? No, they fucking have to pay for it! If a lawyer fucks up because of incompetence, they disbar him, if the mechanic causes a serious problem because of negligence the shop pays for the replacement, or worse yet sends the fucker to prison. There is no safety net. Not to mention the fact if either of these guys fuck up, you twist in the wind anyways, so what's the deal?

Hell, I say we offer them a trade. You can charge whatever you want, but malpractice comes out of your pocket... you also get the right to refuse any medical practice you don't feel confident enough in performing. There you go, they are taking on all the risk, that means you can open the flood gates and push those price tags to the max! However, if you get a safety net, then you have to charge a small margin above cost (let's be generous with 50%) and then you can do whatever your hearts content is with patients. "Go at your own risk," hospitals! That's catchy.

As of now, they have it both ways. The safety net and the price freedom and the "go at your own risk" hospitals. Win-Win all the way around. Not to mention each avenue perfectly justifies the other:

High Medical Mark Ups - "Hey that malpractice insurance is expensive..."
Malpractice Costs - "Really high, so we gotta have it..."
Go at your own risk - "It isn't an exact science..."

With immense greed there is no cure for the common man. When dollars are attached there is never right or wrong, or justice and injustice, there is only lies and a price tag.

What can be done? (This is my cue for the tips!)

Accept Death

You are going to fucking die and it is going to be painful and terrifying and nothing can be done about it! Breathe it in! Accept it. There is a reason warriors in ancient Japan were taught to imagine their death constantly. This kind of thinking pulls out your reliance on someone else swooping in and making it better and focuses it on self-reliance and accepting that which you can not control. That is step number one, before all others. You also have to realize that this is true for everyone around you as well and will prep you for their eventual departure.

Sick is sick, it is also a Marketing tool

It is amazing how many waves of sickness can be translated into viable revenue streams. How often have you seen commercials that promote vague symptoms and unknown inner workings in order to coax you into an impromptu medical exam or medication? The reason why is that so many of us don't utilize the tip above (see above) and are so scared of their deaths (or just dying... or hell just being physically uncomfortable) that they will leap at any suggestion that indicates illness. However, once your past infancy, unless their is a flesh eating virus that you have personally seen eat the face off of the guy on the bus in front of you, maybe you should drop a dime on any "sick-fads" that come happening down the boob-tube.

Pain thresholds Elongate life spans

There are actually quite a few people who I think need a little pain and suffering. Many need to a have a few colds and flus and viruses to allow their bodies to build up some natural fucking defense instead of constant runs to the ER. There are quite a few extremely healthy people who never got sick until they went to the doctor. Weigh the options.

Stop Making up diseases!

Obesity is not a disease. There are no enzymes in the human body the pump out constant amounts of unyielding nutrition that eventual builds the body to bursting. LET THEM DIE! If people lack the ability to stop eating then 1) they are not poor and 2) they will never be cured. You have to rank them right up with child molesters, to where if they can't tell this is wrong, maybe they shouldn't be here. This also goes with these made up inverse diseases like bulimia and anorexia, if people can not compute the necessity for eating, then feed them to the obese. Believe me, there are a lot of people who know how to eat, eat properly and can't because their isn't any fucking food! The cost for these so called diseases range in the $100 billion a year... enough to provide every citizen of the US with full health care coverage from their date of birth. In fact, you can bury all the drug addicts, suiciders, smokers and alcoholics with them.

Yet, as I said, who knows what is true and what is not any more. As far as you or I really know, health care could cost $10 a year per person, the rest profit. Do you think anyone is really going to tell you true or false, especially if they are getting cuts of the pie? All I know is that when my doctor goes home, he is not going anywhere near my street, eating any of the same foods, wearing the same clothes or counting the change in the couch like I am. Neither is his insurance agent.

All things to think about while you waste your time worrying about a "new bill" that you have no say, control or power over. So get back to work.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oil and Water: Relationships

One of the greatest pieces of advice that my father has ever given me goes a little something like this:

"If you gotta starve, it's easier when you're alone."

Amen to that, Pop.

It blows my mind to see so many broke and sorry sacks out there still clinging to the belief that they can pull themselves out of the gutter while somehow maintaining a girlfriend, family, social life or sex life. Listen up, has it ever occurred to you that the reason your financial disparity lies in direct correlation with the fact that you have an unyielding need to be with someone?

Now, I'm not implying that if you got a family, you should up and dump 'em in the hopes of finding a better life. You made the mess, now live with it. The only way out for you is a healthy dose of extra shifts, pocketed dreams and sacrifice.

As for the rest of you mopes, if you are broke and single: STAY THAT WAY!

It's time for me to be a chauvinistic bastard, so ready your "boos" cause this part is pretty much inevitable. (That's why I'm jumping on it now, so if you're offended you can skip down to the bottom or close this window all together and get back to your online poker tournament). If you're hot, then this shit doesn't apply to you. If you are a hot chick, it definitely doesn't apply to you!

I have a real hard time finding a poor hot chick who speaks fluent English anywhere in the states who isn't borderline retarded or below the minimum statutory age (and that's negotiable). If you are an attractive being, you have the ability, at any given moment, to be involved in multiple relationships that involve little to no personal or financial involvement. There are armies of working schmucks who are dying to feed, clothe, house, entertain, and bathe in excess any hottie who is willing to heed the call. Immoral and degrading, you say? Well fuck yes, but you're broke, those words don't apply to you. They mean as much to you as real estate investment and venture capitalism. If you are wanted on the physical level, there is access... all I'm saying.

But let us get back to the other 95% of the lonely, destitute, ugly, charmless, hopeless dicks who make up the poor community. If you are single and you don't have enough cash to cover your own ass, then why in the fuck would you invest in someone else's? Because you're sad? Because you're lonely? Because you don't want to suffer in silence? Reality check! You're all of those things because you are POOR.

You are poor because the stars, the government, the world, God and who knows what else have lined up and decided that you are barely even deserving of the short end of the stick. You are going to have to work twice as hard, twice as much to get to the level that some people call "lower middle class." Why tie on the extra baggage and increase the weight? The climb is going to be tough enough just trying to get yourself up the hill.

Some of you may be under the horribly misguided impression that the reason people have relationships is to lean on each other for support, for help and guidance. That you can have someone to share the burden, "lighten the load" like Samwise would say. Guess what, there is a reason that sort of shit is in the movies!

The two greatest causes of marital distress is sexual and financial tension. Magically, the number one cause of sexual distress is financial tension. So, like all things, MONEY IS EVERYTHING. True, rich assholes go through relationships like water. OF-FUCKING-COURSE! They can afford it! You can't.

Loneliness is a powerful weapon against discipline. There is many a dollar I have lost due to my weakening need to have human connection... that or get fucked (one or the other). You have to change your mind set, or you are going to get on that glorious hamster wheel called "poverty" and run yourself right into the grave.

There are also ARMIES of companies out there banking off your loneliness! Dating sites, flower shops, jewelry marts, greeting card companies, bars, restaurants, clubs... the list goes on and on. The media crams down your throat with millions of dollars worth of ads embracing and celebrating the socialite while spurning, chastising and alienating the isolated. Why is that, you say? Because people who accept isolation and independence don't blow shit tons of money on useless liabilities in hopes of being accepted.

Social networking sites are notorious for this shit. We are enslaved by Mytwits and Facespitters who have such a lack of inner spirit and personal fortitude that they have the overwhelming need to broadcast their mundane existence to the rest of the social world which is spitting it right back at them.

Just a brief analysis of this will prove to you that people don't care about people. Tweets are empty shallow ejaculates of thought that are insanely popular based on the fact that they lack any emotional depth or awareness. The lack of truth that trails down message boards and forums and chats and "wall postings" accounts for the thoughts of over 470 million miscreants. .0000000000005% of that holds any true emotional content. FUCKING PORN HAS MORE HEART AND REALITY. Not to mention the fact that most people who utilize these sites on a regular basis are using them to maintain a facade of connection. Keeping in touch with the most outstretched, lifeless and unaccountable means; similar to throwing a rock at a body to see if it's still alive... from a car that is driving in the opposite direction at 100mph. True engagement requires personal action and responsibility and frankly there are far too many RSS feeds to read about Lady Gaga for the world to even try.

"Hey, Mr. Man, social networking sites are free, so leave them alone, they fall into your angry little classification of acceptable past times because they don't charge you. So there. Nnnngh!"

True, very true. BUT NOTHING FREE IN THIS UNIVERSE IS WORTH BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. PERIOD. Someone is fucking you in the ass somewhere and you are posting a thank you note on their digital wailing wall.

Getting back on topic, anyways, why the fuck do you care what some old college roommate did in Vegas last weekend, rent is coming up and your short. Get your mind on the prize. If you don't want to be bitter and at the bottom your whole life: GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD IN THE GAME! Stop giving a shit about human connection and start getting your shit together. It's just another temptation that leads to bleeding capital. Give it a rest, there are going to be plenty of things Uncle Sam, the DMV, Visa, Mastercard and your student loan payments are gonna drop on you to keep you occupied.

Ask yourself the question: "Do I want to be broke." If the answer is no, it's time to cut the dead weight. Does this mean you can't have friends? No. True friends are totally fine with hanging out playing board games and drinking water by candlelight. True friends are more than willing to understand that you can't make it to their birthday bash, wedding, funeral, etc. because if you leave your heap of shit car on the street too long it's going to get fucking repo'd. True friends are still your friends whether you talk to them everyday, every week, every month or every year. Anyone else is dead fucking weight. Cut the cord and let the chum float out into the tide of soulless social spidering. You'll be glad you did.

As for love, besides the fact that it's going extinct, here's all I can say: If you're doing bad, and they are there, without pressure, complaint, temptation for further spiral or constant announcement of your financial strife... then hell, maybe you found love. Otherwise, suffer alone. The road will be rougher, but it will be a hell of a lot shorter.

Let's not end on a down note my faithful downtrodden-ites! It's tip time:

Hate People

Saving cash is easy when you hate everyone. You don't go anywhere you don't do anything and you cut down on every interaction that can cause you potential gas money. Only interacting with other homo sapiens when you absolutely have to will increase your long term survival by ten fold.

Live in a fantasy world

Sad... yes. Sick... yes. Unhealthy... yes. Cheap... HOLY FUCKING HELL YES! On my worst days I am more than willing to admit that I mentally check out. I go to a place in my head where I am king of all I survey, fuck who I choose and kill without consequence. Call it a mini vacation. Build a fort, stare at the wall, curl up in a ball and cry for four hours while whispering in tongues. FINE, just don't spend any money doing it. Mental illness is cheap as long as you don't try to cure it.

Idolize Sociopaths

I love DEXTER! True, I have never rented a dvd, paid for the Showtime Movie Channel or bought one of the books. (stream it for free, fuck it) I will admit, it does get a little Disney Hallmark with his "I just want to be accepted" BS, but you can learn some valuable lessons from a guy who kills animals (people, same difference) without remorse and is able to bury himself deep inside without the people around him knowing. In fact, if there is something that the show does teach us, it is that people lead to trouble, so get away from them as much as possible... and destroy them if they try to ensnare you in their own bullshit.

Put your blinders on

This is more a recap of what I was stating earlier. Socializing leads to desire, desire leads to manipulation, manipulation leads to want, want leads to slavery (poverty). So turn that shit off. The social sites, the bulletin boards, the mass emails, the tweets, the twits and the twats. Your bills can keep you company, your frustration can keep you occupied and your immense bitterness and swelling homicidal rage will keep you entertained.

I know it does for me :)

By the way, like all things, trends rise and fall. The world swells now in the fascination of inclusion, but soon, (like dot coms, the real estate market, Enron, and Pogs) it will shift into a world of reclusion. The over saturation will eventually bleed out of the pores of the fattened, engorged socialite masses and burst open. Those inside will find salvation in locked doors, privacy and isolation, praising the introvert, the solitary and the independent. So hey, why not be the first on the band wagon.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Selling Out: The American Way!

If you take a look around my blog you will notice that there are these magical new modules hocking all sorts of useless shit for you. If your wondering if I have "sold out" yet the answer is no... because no one is fucking buying!

Believe me, if someone marched up to me today and offered me $10K to shut this blog down and turn it into a Ed Hardy Infant Line Online Catalog, I would be cashing the check before the last post was deleted! Why, you ask? This coming from a soldier for the poor? An enlightener of cost prohibited minds? Well, here's your answer:


And guess what... it's your job, too.

This country doesn't make anything anymore. We don't produce, create, innovate, construct or enhance. We buy, repackage, resell and consume. The richest people in the world didn't get there by making something. True they might have made something once, but the fact that they sold it out to someone else gave them the impetus to follow suit. Big companies eat smaller companies, automation replaces labor forces and Wal-Mart just fucking kills everything.

If you make anything, anything at all, your only goal (if your not mentally injured) is to hopefully have a fat cat with a fatter wallet come along and suck up your business or product like Unicron (nerd reference... look it up) and leave you moistened, ravaged and swimming in dough! People who are looking to preserve the sanctity of any consumer item are living in the wrong century... and an idiot.

Anything worth doing, is worth getting fucking paid for! This includes every profession including the oldest one (social reference... look it up). Does that logic make me a sell out? Well, hopefully some day I will be, but as of now, I will have to deal with the fact that if I wish to monetize these frightening, acidic, up chucks of opinion I will have to clutter my site with random boxes schlocking useless bullshit. I promise not to spend all the $.33 a year in one place.

Here's another tip: Since money is everything, it can buy and consume anything. If money wants something bad enough it can get it. If someone wanted my site they could buy the domain or the blogger site itself, or Google, or the fucking apartment I live in and kick my ass out on the street. Most likely they would do the most commonly used and cheapest acquisition alternative which is most popular amongst rich, they would just hire someone to fucking kill me. I'm broke, I have no power, I am insignificant and no one will care.

In fact, the killing of poor people with bright ideas or products is a tradition they started right around the mid-80's. Which is why you saw such a lucrative time of cocaine sniffing whino's dominating Wall Street and the industrial markets. Now a days, it is far simpler to just whack the asshole with revolution on his mind way earlier before he starts getting all Martin Luther King Jr. and Harvey Milk on ya... ain't that right Uncle Dollar!

But I digress, each broke bastard out there has the responsibility to sell their soul to the highest (or hell maybe even the only) bidder out there. Which brings me to my next point: Know your worth!

Now this doesn't mean some philosophical, poster print about how valuable you are as a person to the Lord God Almighty or whatever table you throw your dice of morality, it means how much are you worth, really. Set a fucking price tag! We all have one. Find yours and know it.

You can even itemize it:

I cost blah blah blah for my invention (product)
I cost blah blah blah for my dignity
I cost blah blah blah for my integrity
I cost blah blah blah for a hand job in the alley behind the Food 4 Less.

Know all the prices! Top to bottom. Complete the full store that is you as an individual entity on this planet. Then post that shit to the consumer world. You might get lucky.

And just like any store, prices go up if there's a demand!

You get a gang of your buddies making your business better/larger/ more efficient?
Cha Ching

You get a promotion/ assignment/ the boss grabs your ass?
Cha Cha Ching!

You get big fake tits/ ass/ lips and learn how to poll dance without smashing your face into the cement?
Cha Cha Cha Ching Blammo and Boo-YA!!

The moment you come to terms with the commodity that is yourself; that you can be bought and sold an infinite number of times before you punch your final clock (or someone punches it for you), you will be a much happier camper! OK, I don't know about happier, but you will be more inclined to know your place in this world and fill it, just make sure your price tag is facing out.

So please click away kids, or not. I am mostly just using the ads to show the corporate mega eye that this mofo is on the auction block and always willing to talk turkey! So my lovelies, before god, before hope, before dreams and before goals, your first act should be, and must always be: MONETIZE!

I wish you all a very pleasant evening and what better way to enjoy your evening than with these fabulous products....